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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Write an Application Using Letter Class of Latex

\signature{Your Name\\ \hspace*{1cm}Your Designation}

%address{Street \\ City \\ Country}
\date{} %to avoid printing date on top
\begin{letter}{To, \vspace*{0.5cm}\\ The Person, \\ Company, \\ Address, \\ City-PIN \\ \vspace*{1cm} \textbf{Subject: My Application Subject:}}
\opening{Respected Sir or Madam,}
\item Your Contents in list or paragraph form
\hspace*{4cm} Thanking You,
\closing{Yours Sincerely,}
\vspace*{-1cm} Dated: \today
%\ps{P.S. Here goes your ps.}


  1. Red colored text to be replaced with your particulars
  2. Comment green text if you don't want current date to be inserted
  3. Modify this template to suit your style