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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Make Fancy Page Headers and Footers in Latex

To make your reports/books have fancy pages, follow these simple steps:

1. Before \begin{document}, declare this package to be used:

2. All pages do not have fancy style (like Acknowledgment & Table of Contents pages}. So, before those pages, write

3. For pages, where fancy headers & footers are required, declare this intent by writing:

4. Clear default settings for header & footer by

5. Here is a LaTex code sample for fancy header & footer
\lhead {"My Doc Name"}

\lfoot{"My Project"}
\cfoot{"--Ver No.--"}

l,c,r indicates left, centre, right of head or foot as the case be

6. You can also use,


E-->Even Page No.
O-->Odd Page No.

More to come about fancy pages in next post....